Forever Young

As we figured out, living in this constantly changing world, that so called “Age of Unworldliness”, we do not grow up. That is why most perspective we have towards what appears to be accidental, are the ones of youth. What K-Hole proposes is the potential escape from this ongoing fear of arbitrary acidentalnes. Because the optical illusions of youth, only exists because of the rule that "there's no such thing as a grown-up person." But when the process of growing up stops, Youth becomes a mode, detached from aging.

Youth Mode represents a mindset freeing you with limitations. Limitations which are besides being the “freedom to choose how you relate; the freedom to choose how you understand; the freedom to try new things; the freedom to make mistakes” are the freedom to accept what you already are. That “emancipation from boredom, from prescription, from tradition” comes with an acceptance of it. It's the acknowledgement of your own bourgeois-ness. You now realize that you can just go home because you are tired. You don’t have to impatiently wait until the K’ kicks in. As an individual you are freed from individuality—in favor of belonging.

Knowing where you belong is an acceptance of what is accidental, which includes eating or sleeping. The right time and place are for you to figure out. It can help to remember that for Marquard you are always more your accidents than your choice. So you have to be able to bear with what is accidental, because living with what is accidental is not a result of failing to reach the absolute end of the after-hour but is your historically normal state. Even when there is at that time of the day, no such thing as normal anymore. What has been a neatly designed space until now, will soon start wobbling in vibrant colors until it melts into hundreds of abstract shapes. What you just swallowed was potentially something else then you thought.