Living your Design

But this accident is just another chance to accept. A chance to accept that you as the designer of this pill, took care to catch yourself at the end of this void. At the very moment where things will take shape again, where each power is balancing one another and where your freedom lives of their separation. Not only through the endless decisions you have to make while consuming in Youth Mode but also when you design what you buy while slipping through space.


As a produser, non absolute choice implies that, what is accidental can also be different. That counts for every form which pretends to follow a function. But if form and function can be something else, they often, if only accidentally, also are something else. As Marquard says your “accidental reality is often thus and also different; it embraces various things; it is multiform, motley.” This color palette is your chance for freedom. And with every happy little accident your freedom lives right there, through the separation of powers. If you are not sure, you can be sure that doubting it, is an appreciation of that separation.

Skepticism’s doubt—as the word Zweifel says (which, after all, contains the idea of multiplicity in its "zwei" [two])—is precisely the procedure, (…) of letting two opposed convictions collide with each other in such a way that both of them decline so much in power that the individual, as the laughing or crying third party, gets free of them.

What is important in this (re)search for freedom, that your doubt so relentlessly claims is, that there is never only one engine in use. You don’t just google this. You look for other results, other methods. Let them compete, intersect and interfere with one another. Like this they will reciprocally balance your findings.

It is good for you, because of the consequences in terms of being free. If you have many convictions: not none, not one, but a lot, you are free through freedoms, in the plural, as Marquard says “which fall to their lot because, in the crush of the determinants that bombard them, these determinants hinder each other, reciprocally, in their determining work.” So what Marquard puts together here is that overdetermination promotes freedom. Don’t be scared of determination, but the undividedness of its power. Your freedom relies on a whole rainbow of color. And in this design you want many convictions: not none, not one, but a lot. It is the multitude of expressions.

The laboratory and the experimental methods pursued therein are the proper place for Slippery Design. Here, forms can be developed that meet the requirements of a pluralistic thinking in entangled ambiguities. A sense of (re)orientation is constantly put to the test during development; the ability to continually conceive and nurture new possibilities is encouraged and manifests itself in drafts/sketches and, eventually, designs/communication products